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Securing the USA

My goal is simple – make the world a safer place. With my help we can prevent disaster and pave the way to a secure, sustainable business.

Microsoft Certified

Patrick is a Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Professional, with 10 years experience in the IT field.

Proven Knowledge and Skills

Patrick tests in the top 90th percentile when it comes to securing Microsoft technology platforms.



Security Audits

With a custom baseline tailored to your business, Patrick will get you on the path to practical, easy security.

Incident Response

Had a cyber security incident? Call in the experts – get Patrick involved now to recover as quickly as possible.

Regulatory Compliance

Let Patrick help guide your organization on the path of regulatory compliance.


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Securing the USA since 2014

Hello! I am Patrick, a Security Analyst with experience as a Systems Administrator and in end user support. I have dedicated my career and free time to making the world a safer place. When I’m not addressing security alerts, compiling proactive recommendations, or assisting companies as a consultant, I volunteer my technical talents for local churches. I’m not religious, but I have a deep respect for religion and think it is a critical part of the human experience. 

In the past I was lucky enough to give Operational Security help to protestors in Russia who were fighting against the war in Ukraine. I probably can’t ever travel to Russia now without being arrested, but sometimes it is good to not be liked by everyone. Thanks to my help, my friends protesting the war were able to operate safely with reduced risk to their lives. These people put everything on the line to stand up for what is right. I was privileged to serve them in their noble endeavor. 

Right thought, right action, and right speech are my guiding principles. Every word must be considered, every action must have a purpose, and every thought plays a part in honing my mind. My mind is my greatest asset, and it can be yours too for the right price and with the right company culture. 

In this current age, technology permeates every aspect of our lives. From financial institutions to communication to everything we do, we’re all impacted by the security of our technology. When security isn’t taken seriously, very real threats to our lives emerge from the shadows. My goal is simple. I want to give a measured and practical idea of risk, and how to mitigate it. With my help we can turn the tide against the attackers. I’ve been doing this for  years, and I only get better at it with each passing day. 

I score in the top 90th percentile (tested via Pluralsight) in regards to securing Microsoft tools and platforms. Additionally, I hold a Microsoft Security Analyst certification as proof of my knowledge. 

Cyber attacks are an existential threat to every business and every individual. 83% of companies experience a ransomware attack within a year, you need someone with the right talents and right motivation to prevent your company from becoming a statistic. I feel confident that I can prove I am the right person for that job. 

Thank you for reading this far. I hope that I will have the opportunity to discuss an application of my skills in your organization. And I am curious to discover more about your company culture and operations to see if I am a good fit. 



Patrick helped us secure our church’s systems against threats, modernized our EOL systems, and helped us get set up with a proper 3-2-1 backup solution.

Margo – All Saints Church

Office Manager

Patrick was able to give us practical, real security advice that immediately paid off when a vendor was compromised. Once we found out about the breach, we called Patrick and he quickly identified risks and helped us lock down our systems.

Michel Rossman

IT Manager

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